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Travis Unified School Board

Agenda for Tuesday, July 08, 2003


Travis Unified School District Goals

⊠ Continue to Focus Upon Instructional Excellence to Increase Achievement for Every Student.1
⊠ Ensure a Safe and Productive Environment.2
⊠ Continue to Enhance Constructive Communication Within and Outside of the School Community.3
⊠ Enhance, Create, and Modernize Facilities that Support Lifelong Educational Programs.4
⊠ Continue Fiscally Responsible Decisions While Maintaining the Collaborative Budget Process5
**Action Items Link Goal Achieved**

of the Regular Meeting of the
Travis Unified School District Governing Board

TUESDAY         JULY 8, 2003         7:00 P.M

Denise Boyles Amy Swanson Harry Axhelm Edwin Sanderson Mary Flurey   Sara Leitnaker
President    Vice President Clerk Member Member Student Member

Jacki L. Cottingim, Ph.D.


The Governing Board meets at 7 p.m., the second Tuesday of the month at Travis Education Center, 2775 DeRonde Drive, Fairfield, CA 94533 , unless otherwise noted. (Other meetings may be scheduled as necessary.)

The agenda is divided into four main sections:

INFORMATION ITEMS - These items are for information only and do not require any action by the Board. They are written unless otherwise noted on the agenda, i.e. oral.

CONSENT CALENDAR - These matters typically include routine financial or administrative actions. Any item on the CONSENT CALENDAR will be discussed separately upon request. CONSENT CALENDAR items are usually approved with a single motion.

ACTION ITEMS íV These include significant policy, administrative, and financial matters and are classified by department and will usually be acted upon individually.

DISCUSSION ITEMS íV This section is usually reserved for the Final Reading of Policies or Revised Policies. Other topics may also be discussed.
PUBLIC COMMENT íV Any member of the audience wishing to address the Board regarding any subject whether it is or is not on the agenda, please complete a PUBLIC COMMENT CARD (by front entrance) and submit to the Administrative Assistant. After receiving recognition from the Board President, please proceed to the rostrum, state your name and your comments or questions. No action will be taken by the Board as a result of items not on the agenda presented at this time. Members of the public interested in commenting on any item on the agenda will have an opportunity to do so at the designated time. In the interest of time and in order that all interested parties have an opportunity to speak, please limit your presentation to three minutes.

I.    OPENING   

    A. Call to Order.

  B. Roll Call.
  1. Denise Boyles, President
  2. Amy Swanson, Vice-President
3. Harry Axhelm, Clerk
4. Ed Sanderson, Member
5. Mary Flurey, Member
6. Sara Leitnaker, Student Representative
7. Dr. Jacki Cottingim, Secretary
  C. Pledge of Allegiance.
  D. Moment of Silence.

  Please refer to GENERAL INFORMATION section of Agenda Cover Sheet.


A. Superintendent Report.
B.  Student Representative Report.
C. Base Liaison, Assistant Superintendents, Administrators, & Employee Organizations Reports.
D. Governing Board Communications & Reports.


A.  Revision of Complaint Form Concerning School Personnel - Exhibit 1312.1

B.  Student Recognition íV Second Semester Honor Roll for Golden West

C.  Standards Based Progress Report

D.  Acceptance of the retirement of the following certificated personnel:
  Reynotta Hoberecht, Center Elementary School, effective June 6, 2003, after 37 years in the education field, 32 years of service in Travis Unified.

E.  Resignation of the following certificated personnel:
  1.  Shurmain Broadwater, Continuation Teacher, Travis Education Center  
  2.  Kara Creighton, Kindergarten 50% FTE, Scandia Elementary

F.  Resignation of the following resignations/retirements of classified personnel:
  1.  Resignation of Barbara Pilon, School Secretary at Travis Elementary School,   effective June 30, 2003.
  2.  Retirement of Gerald Tucker, Lead Groundskeeper at the District Office, effective   September 11, 2003, after 35 years of service to the District.

G.  Report of Staff and Board Development Activities


A.   Request approval of vendor warrants.

B.   Request approval to replenish the revolving cash fund in the amount of $518.44.

C. Request approval of the following donations:
  1.  Donation of 29íĘ wheeled duffle bag by Sue Getsinger, 334 Weatherly Way,   Vacaville, CA 94587, valued at $40.
  2.  Donation of 11 puzzles, assortment of craft & holiday supplies, Spanish flash   cards, wall borders, decorations, vinyl tablecloths and books from Trista Waller,   335 Roberts Drive, Travis AFB, CA 94535, valued at $150.
  3.  Donation of Emergency Kit by Sue Weiss, 106 Norwalk Court, Vacaville, CA   95687, valued at $39.11.
  4.  Donation of garden boxes by The Home Depot, Store 0637, Fairfield, CA 94533,   valued at $154.43.
  5.  Donation of $11,000 for Eagle Project, (cement pad for B-Wing playground,   benches) by Travis Elementary PTA.
  6.  Donation of $300 towards a refrigerator by The Home Depot, 2121 Cadenasso   Drive, Fairfield, CA 94533.

  D. Request approval of the following contracts:
1.  Joan Rupert to provide NPA Speech/Language Therapy for Preschool SDC students, July 21 íV August 29, 2003, 2 times a week; Special Education Budget, $540 ($45 per hour).
2.  Kristine Strong to conduct an Emotional Component Psychological Assessment of Vanden Special Education Student, July 1 íV September 30, 2003; Special Education Budget not to exceed $880 ($110 per hour).
3.  Marcia Della Santa to provide bilingual assessments for District students on an as needed basis, July 1 íV June 30, 2004; Special Education Budget, not to exceed $2,000 ($350 íV full evaluation and $150 partial evaluation)
4.  Casey Johnson to provide bilingual psychological assessment on an as-needed basis, July 1 íV June 30, 2004; Special Education Budget, $500 per evaluation, not to exceed one evaluation per month up to four evaluations

E. Request approval of the employment of the following Certificated Personnel for 2003 Summer Intersession: Kattie Allison, Mick Balthazor, Sherrie Bellmore, Trish Bernal, Keilani Boles, Benita Brittain, Natalie Budish, Jonathan Burke, Keri Butler, Sandra Carey, Michelle Chavez, Stephanie Cycyck, Denise DíŽAndrea, Susan de Mille, Norm De Ponte, Charles Dimmick, Rosemary Dopler, Pam Duncan, Peter Dy-Liacco, Kira Erba, Colleen Estes, Linda Ferdowsian, Theresa Boeb, John Gonzales, Belinda Halonen, Bill Hendrix, Ed Hoeft, Robert Honeychurch, Hollis Huvar, Jennifer Ikemiyagi, Julie Kane, Karen Katayam, Kathy Cruice, Kim Kaylor, Cindy King, Aimee Korynta, Billy Lakes, Heidi Langsholt, Dave Lawler, Jesse Lore, Brenda Main, Jim Marianno, Ruben Martell, Susan Massey, Stephenie McMorrow, Mary Ann MIchelon,
  Steven MIkesell, Sean Murphy, Jason Ott, Caroline Perez, Melissa Phillips, Laurie Piazza, Jennifer Pirondini, Jerry Powell, Lynda Rast, David Ray, Andy San Juan, Bill Sarty, Deb Seames, Larry Sepulvida, Toney Smith, Matt Soughers, Beth Szabo, Rick Trefz, Jack Trujillo, Joyce Tusan-Dalton, Rose Valenzuela, Lisa Velez, Rick Viauso, Denis Waldron, Billie Wood, and Faralee Wright.


F.  Request approval of the following Job Share Assignments for the 2003-04 school year:
  1.  Dee Willoughby, 50% and Donna Nicholas, 50% at Scandia Elementary.
  2.  Mary Ann Michelon, 40% and Sherrill Honeychurch, 60% at Scandia Elementary.

G.  Request approval of the employment of the following classified personnel for 2003 Summer Intersession:
  Instructional Assistants: Stephanie Baum, Rita Spikes, Erica Olivarez, Fonda Mahan, Donna Lopez, Christy Montoya, Stacy Roe, Chirsitna Schroeder, Angela Rodriguez, Debbi Snow, Jan Kennedy, Barbara Rey, Stephanie Wells, Debbie Windham, Tracy Adan, Susan Coffman, Kelly Hole; Campus Monitors: Lucilia Vanderlaan, Lisa DeForne, Jettie Kelly; Custodians: Joe Lewis, Sonja Brown, Tim Carroll. Intersession Secretaries: Kelly Cromer, Brenda Shaffer, Lisa Ulery, Linda Mattson; Bus Drivers: Barbara Wetl, Ana Hegarty, Leslie Hill, Joe MacKenzie, Lolita McCockran, Maria Rivera, Denise Douglas, Tammy Baliff; Food Service Workers: Kay Sullivan, Larry Gauthier, Jackie Conley; Student Workers: Steven Concepcion, Nick Tepley, Denasa Buckmaster, Tyler Beattie; Student Algebra Tutors: Brian Barna
  Katherine Paddock, Matthew Atkins, Donna Buenaventura, Carin Ferdowsian, Jamar Graham, Sara Leitnaker, Mary Molina, Jennifer Ostermann, Emily Revolinsky, and Joseph Kraft.

H.  Request approval of the promotion of the following classified personnel effective 2002-2003: Betty Moody, promotion to Elementary Typist Clerk at Foxboro Elementary School, effective June 25, 2003, at Range 12, step F.

I.  Request approval of minutes of June 10 and 24, 2003.


A. Final Reading and Adoption of Revision of Board Policy 1313.2 íV Uniform Complaint Procedures.

B.  Final Reading and Adoption of Revision of Board Policy 5116.1 íV Intradistrict Open Enrollment.

C.  Final Reading and Adoption of Revision of Board Policy 6143 íV Courses of Study.

D.  Request adoption of Resolution #1 íV Reaffirming Authorized Representatives Regarding Federal Funds.

E.  Request adoption of Resolution #2 íV Supporting the School Utility Rate.

F  Request adoption of Resolution #3 íV Authorizing Participation in the Lower Emission School Bus Program.  
  G.  Request approval to pay National Association of Federally Impacted Schools (NAFIS) annual dues in the amount of $9,300.

  H.  Request approval to pay National School Boards Association (NSBA) annual membership dues for 2003-04 in the amount of $3,150.
VI.  ACTION ITEMS (Continued)

  I.  Request approval to pay California School Boards Association (CSBA) annual membership dues for 2003-04 in the amount of $7,290. (CSBA $5,832 and Education Legal Alliance $1,458)

  J.  Request approval to pay Military Child Education Coalition (MCEC) annual dues in the amount of $750.
  K.  Request by MCEC to Designate a Delegate or to Grant Proxy to Maureen Dubia in the election of new directors.


L.  Request approval of Joint Powers Agreement with North Bay Schools Insurance Authority.

M.  Request direction to staff pertaining to Goldridge School Sites.

N.  Request approval to lease-purchase a portable bathroom building for the Community Day School relocation.

O.  Request approval of California State Department of Education Contract for Karen Norton as Visiting Educator.

P.  Request approval for additional classified management position íV Behavior Intervention Specialist funded by Solano County SELPA.

Q.  Request for Approval of Upgrade of Classified Positions íV Instructional Assistant III íVAutism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) In-home Program.

R.  Request extension of duration of Assistant SuperintendentsíŽ contracts.



1)  July 24, Foxboro Open House Blue/Green Tracks, 6:30 p.m.  


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