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Technology Titans of Travis

6th Grade Projects  

Technology Plan
Handheld Computers
Technology Standards
Technology Titans

Student's in the 6th grade classes at Foxboro and Scandia did a variety of things.  Students created slideshows about 'how to do something',  research on countries, travel brochures to Ancient Egypt, and more.  In some classes, students presented their presentations to their classmates, therefore the presentations you will see here contain their speaking points - the bulk of their research was presented orally.  Teachers participating include Mrs. Beasley, Mrs. Festa, Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Kendall, and Mrs. Patmon.

Travel Brochures of Ancient Egypt (pdf format)
Country Reports
Research Reports

Mathematics and Science How To's

How to Divide Fractions (Gustavo) Percentages 
(Tommy and Zach
Order or Operations (Danny and Joe) Multiplying Decimals (Bianca and Megan)
More Dividing Fractions 
(Faline and Jodi)
(Katie and Ashley)
Dividing Fractions (Brittany and Allen) Changing a Decimal to a Percentage
Multiplying Decimals (Taylor and Kourtney) Fading the Rainbow - Science Project

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Country Reports

Ancient Egypt 
(Andrew and Andrew)
Ancient China 
(Julie and Courtney)
(Ashley and Shelby)
The Bahamas Project Mummification 
Ancient China 
(Ronald and Tommy)

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Travel Brochures for Ancient Egypt

Audry April and Aaron Brendan and Asia Emre Jasmine and Donne
Justin and Mark Katie and Anthony Megan and TJ Scott and Michael  

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Research Reports

Automobiles German Shepherds The Giant Panda Bear Hawaii

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