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Minutes for Tuesday, November 13, 2001





November 13, 2001

Key The first two initials of the vote indicate the First and Second motionsVote:  F = Mary Flurey; S = Ed Sanderson; M = Mary Ann Martinez; B = Denise Boyles; AS = Amy Swanson; P = Mari Pierce Notations Under Vote: N = No; X = Excused; A = Abstain


A. Call to Order.
  President Martinez called the meeting to order at 4:00 p.m.

B. Roll Call.
  The following members were present: President Mary Ann Martinez, Clerk Denise Boyles, Member Ed Sanderson, Amy Swanson, Secretary Dr. Jacki Cottingim, and Student Representative Mari Pierce.

Also present were the following: Assistant Superintendents William Taylor, Steve Vaczovsky and Kathleen Bond; Directors Sankaran Iyer, Gayle Smith, Karen Norton, Base Liaisons Lt. Col. Linda Thomas and Lt. Col. Jeffrey Leknes and Administrative Assistant Patricia Atkinson.


A.  Pursuant to Government Code Section 54957.6: Conference with Labor Negotiator – Agency Negotiator Steve Vaczovsky – Employee Organizations: TUTA (Travis Unified Teachers Association) and CSEA (California School Employees Association).

B.  Pursuant to Government Code Section 54957.6: Conference with Labor Negotiator – Agency Negotiator Jacki Cottingim – Employee Organization: ATM (Association of Travis Managers).

C.  Pursuant to Government Code Section 54957: Public Employee Appointment: Behavior Intervention Specialist, Student Services.

D.  Pursuant to Education Code 48918 Sub. C (Expulsion): One (1) Student 01-02-04.  
  Closed Session Held

E.  Pursuant to Education Code 48915.1 Sub. A-E (Expulsion; Particular Circumstances): One (1) Student 01-02-05.


A.   Public Report of Action(s) Taken in Closed Session.
  A through C - No Action Taken

D.   Pursuant to Ed Code 48918 Sub. C, the Board unanimously approved the recommendation to expel and suspend the expulsion of student 01-02-04 through January 2002.

E. The Board unanimously approved the recommendation to deny student 01-02-05 enrollment in the district.

B. Pledge of Allegiance.
  Lt. Col. Jeff Leknes led the Pledge of Allegiance.

C.   Moment of Silence.
  A moment of silence was held for those with ailing parents.


A.  Recognition of Mari Pierce, American Legion Girls State Delegate and Carl Bucks, American Legion Boys State Delegate.
  The Board presented certificates of recognition and congratulated Mari Pierce and Carl Bucks for their selection by American Legion Auxiliary.

B.  Recognition of “Unsung Heroes”, Part II – Food Service Workers
  Dr. Cottingim commented that during the crisis, ordinary people were doing extraordinary things and thanked the Food Service Workers for going above and beyond the call of duty.

  The Board thanked and presented certificates of recognition to Food Service Coordinator Paul Johnson, and Food Service Workers Maria Smith, Diane Chaney, and Regina Swesey. Dorothy Sutton and Kay Sullivan were unable to attend the recognition and their certificates will be forwarded.

Two Vanden students expressed consternation over the application of the extra curricular policy and the status of the Vanden walkways.


A. Student Representative Report.
  Mari Pierce advised that some students had expressed concern about the status of the walkways. The Powder Puff and Dixon v. Vanden
football games were exciting and was happy to see some of the Board members present.


B. Assistant Superintendents, Administrators, Employee Organizations & Base Liaison Reports.
  Mr. Vaczovsky advised interest based bargaining was continuing with both employee organizations. Once items have been negotiated, they will be brought to the Board.

  Ms. Bond introduced Barb Marianno, Science Coordinator who presented the Science Adoption Activities and Evaluation form for ranking three publishers for the pilot program.

  Mr. Taylor advised 1.2m had been spent this year on facilities. The Vanden project was delayed for several reasons: SRS (air conditioning contractor), state approval, and bids that were higher than the estimates, which required funds that were not readily available. The target date for completion of walkways is December. Most everyone has been very patient with the process.

  TUTA President Nancy Morin thanked the Board and Ms. Bond for the additional teacher training for the Standards Based Report Card and for the CFIER training. She anticipates the training will lead to improved relations with the Board, administrators, teachers and staff. Ms. Morin congratulated newly elected Board member, Harry Axhelm and congratulated Mrs. Flurey for her upcoming appointment to the Travis Education Foundation.

  Ms. Kris Corey reported that the SBRC parent meetings are going very well and also reported the current activities at all the schools.

  Base Liaison Lt. Col. Leknes announced the Town Hall Meeting on Education will take place on November 20th at 4:30 p.m. and on the 27th at 6:30 p.m. at the Base Theatre.
C. Superintendent Report.
  Dr. Cottingim welcomed newly elected Board member Harry Axhelm. A resolution thanking the City of Fairfield for their support in eliminating sanitation fees for the district will be presented to the Fairfield City Council on Tuesday, November 20, 2001 at 7 p.m.

D. Governing Board Communications & Reports.
  Mrs. Boyles advised she attended the CFIER training and will attend the CSBA Conference in San Diego with the Student Representative and alternate at the end of November. Ms. Boyles added that she also attended the Band Review in Napa where the band received an award for State Performance.

  Mr. Sanderson advised he attended Vanden’s “Dracula” and it was terrific performance by all involved. The Vanden band has been great and most notably the marching band won first place in a recent competition.


A.  Administrative Regulation 0420 – Philosophy-Goals-Objectives and Comprehensive Plan (School Plans & Site Councils)

B.  Administrative Regulation 6164.6 – Education Under Section 504  

C.  Administrative Regulation 4040 – Employee Access to Electronic Information and Communication Systems

D.  Administrative Regulation 1240 and Exhibit – Volunteer Assistance Administration

E.  Library Media Center Summary Report
  Presentations made by Amanda Carter and Wendy Axhelm

F.  Resignations of Classified Personnel:
1)  Cindy Lehfeldt, Secretary at Cambridge Elementary, effective November 16, 2001.
2)  Brenda Johnson, Instructional Assistant II/Resource at Scandia Elementary, effective October 12, 2001.

G.  Arts Training

H.  Report of Staff and Board Development Activities

I.  Update of District and Construction Projects (oral)


A.  Request approval to replenish the Revolving Cash Fund in the amount of $1,185.31.

B. Request approval of vendor warrants.

C.  Request approval of the following donation:
  1)  Donation of $2,500 from the City of Vacaville Solano Community Foundation, 744 Empire Street, Suite 210, Fairfield, CA 94533, for Travis Unified library needs.

D.  Request approval of TSA company: Veritrust Financial, LLC.

E.  Request approval of the following contracts:
  1)  Sue Coleman, provide corrective reading training for Travis Elementary teachers, 10/11 & 17/01; Travis Elementary SIP Budget; $800.
  2)  Yong Painter, provide art training to Travis Unified teachers, various dates from 10/23/01 through 6/30/02; District Arts as Literacy and Standards Development and Implementation Funds, $2,320.
  3)  Cheri Glankler, provide art training to Travis Unified teachers, various dates from 10/23/01 through 6/30/02, $2,320.


F.  Request approval of employment of Certificated staff for 2001-2002 school year:
  1)  Kerry Jolander, 6th Grade Sheltered, Golden West
  2)  Linda Odelson, Library Media Specialist, Travis & Center Elementary.

G.  Request approval of Leave of Absence of Certificated employee for the 2001-2002 School Year:
  1)  Kristin Shields, Integrated Science teacher, Vanden High School.

H.  Request approval of Leave of Absence of Classified employee for the 2001-2002 school year:
  1)  Judy Wood, School Bus Driver, Maintenance, Grounds and Transportation Department.

I.  Request approval of the employment of Classified personnel effective the 2001-2002 school year:
  1)  Carolyn Carey, Health Technician, Scandia Elementary School, effective October 8, 2001 at Range 12, Step A.
  2)  Loren Hoeft, Counseling Technician, Vanden High School, effective October 9, 2001, at Range 11, Step A.
  3)  Nu Land IEP Instructional Assistant, Cambridge Elementary School, effective October 11, 2001, at Range 10, Step A.
  4)  Angela Rodriguez, IEP Instructional Assistant, Scandia Elementary School, effective October 12, 2001, at Range 10, Step A.
  5)  Deborah Snow, IEP Instructional Assistant, Scandia Elementary School, effective October 12, 2001, at Range 10, Step A.
6)  LeVon Haynes, Campus Monitor, Vanden High School, effective October 22, 2001, at Range 9, Step A.
  7)  Jettie Kelly, Campus Monitor, Golden West Middle School, effective October 22, 2001, at Range 9, Step A.
  8)  Donna Goelze, Instructional Assistant II/Resource, Golden West Middle School, effective, October 26, 2001, Range 9, Step A.
  9)  Lynette Kimura, Accounting Assistant, Business Services Department, effective November 5, 2001, Range 16, Step C.

J.  Request approval of the promotion of Classified personnel effective the 2001 2002 school year:
1)  Becky Morgan, promotion to School Secretary at Center Elementary, effective November 1, 2001 at Range 15a, Step C

K.  Request deletion of BP6179 adopted July 10, 2001 as it duplicates Board Policy BP 0420 adopted August 1999).

L.  Request approval of the minutes of September 25, and October 2 & 9, 2001.
  Approved Consent Calendar      AS-S-B-M


1.  Discussion of an additional item for negotiations with CSEA (California State Employee Association) for the 2001-02 contract period.
  Public Hearing Held – No Testimony Presented

  Item Accepted


A.  Request adoption of Resolution 01/02-8 “Fifteenth Annual Observance of Dr. Martin Luther King’s Birthday. 3
  Approved            S-AS-B-M

B.  Request for nominations for CSBA Delegate Assembly.3
  Approved            S-AS-B-M

C.  Final reading and adoption of Board Policy 4040 – Employee Access to Electronic Information and Communication Systems.2
  Approved            S-B-AS-M

D.  Final reading and adoption of Board Policy Revision “Use of Technology in Instruction” Board Policy 6162.7.2
  Approved            S-AS-B-M

E.  Request adoption of Resolution 01-02/10 thanking Vacaville City Council for it’s support of Cambridge and Foxboro Elementary schools’ libraries.3
  Approved            S-AS-B-M

F.  Request approval to pay NSBA (National School Boards Association) annual dues in the amount of $1,500.00.1
  Approved            S-AS-B-M

G.  Request appointment of Mary Flurey as a Director of the Travis Education Foundation. 3
  Approved            S-AS-B-M

H  Request of adoption of Resolution No. 9 - 2001 Gann Limit.5
  Approved            S-AS-B-M

I.  Request approval of Budget Revisions.5
  Approved            S-AS-B-M

J.  Request approval of Change Order #6, Vanden High School, Walkway Replacement Project.4
  Approved            S-AS-B-M

X.  ACTION ITEMS (Continued)

K.  Request approval of 2000-2001 Unaudited Actual Financial Report. .5
The matter was tabled to December 11, 2001.


L.  Request approval of Assistant Superintendent Contract. 1
  Approved            S-AS-B-M

M.  Request approval of Agreement with ATM. 1
  Approved            S-AS-B-M

N.  Request approval of the employment of Classified Management personnel effective the 2001-2002 school year. 1
  The Board appointed Ryan Parrett as Behavior Intervention Specialist, Student Services  .        S-AS-B-M


XI.  DISCUSSION  A.  First Reading of Board Policy 6145 (a-c) Extracurricular and Cocurricular Activities.  Continued for further discussion November 14, 2001

·  Examine Transportation Fees - DB
·  Safety Committee Report – MAM
·  Conflict of Interest – MAM
·  Budget Committee – MAM
·  Attendance & Truancy Report - AS
·  Fingerprinting beyond current parameters - MAM

1.  Thursday, November 15, 11a SEDCORP luncheon at SCOE.
2.  Monday, November 19, 9:30a & 6:30p music performance by Red Track at Foxboro; 12p Travis Regional Armed Forces Lunch – Opera House, Vacaville.
3.  Tuesday, November 20, 8:15a Cambridge Awards – Red Assembly; 4:30p Education Town Hall Meeting @ Travis Air Force Base; 7p TUSD to recognize Fairfield City Council.
4.  November 21-23 DISTRICT HOLIDAYS.
5.  Tuesday, November 27, 6:30p 4:30p Education Town Hall Meeting @ Travis Air Force Base.

  Adjourned to Wednesday, November 14, 2001 at 4:30 p.m.



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