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 1/23/2005 Daily Democrat Online - Trustees hire new schools assistant
New Woodland superintendent brings a colleague When Jacki Cottingim leaves Travis Unified School District and takes on her new role as Woodland's superintendent early next month, she'll be bringing something, or someone with her: An assistant superintendent. Woodland school trustees voted unanimously Friday morning to hire Kathleen Bond as Woodland's associate superintendent of educational services. Her first day on the job will be Feb. 14, joining the district little more than a week after Cottingim officially starts Feb. 4.
 1/23/2005 dailyrepublic.com: Vanden: Quick sense of community
When Vanden High opened in 1964, it had four grades, unlike Fairfield, which had just freshmen and sophomores its first year. One of the seniors was Ron Beverly, who attended Vacaville High its first two years, then spent his junior season at Hogan High of Vallejo. He was living in Vallejo in 1964, but was lured by athletics. "Ed Serpas was the football coach," Beverly said. "He had been my coach in sixth, seventh and eighth grade and he asked if I wanted to come to Vanden High School. My dad was in the Air Force and my mom worked there, so we drove every day from Vallejo." They drove to an unfinished school - an occurrence repeated a year later at Fairfield. The first few months of the year, Vanden students attended classes at the newly finished Golden West Middle School. Beverly said they went to class from 6:30 a.m. until 12:30 p.m., then the junior high students took over. But there was plenty of interest in the new campus. "We'd always walk over and see what was going on," Beverly said of construction. At Vanden, there was a quick sense of community, Beverly said - especially among the students and parents who lived at the Air Force Base. "You could walk from inside the gate to outside (where the school was located)," he said. "Before, you had to take a bus to Armijo or Vacaville."
 1/22/2005 dailyrepublic.com: School trip to D.C.
FAIRFIELD -Vanden High School students and a teacher didn't see President Bush during the inaugural parade Thursday, but they still witnessed a moment in history. Teacher David Kenyon and 16 students traveled to Washington, D.C., Wednesday to view the first presidential inauguration since Sept. 11, 2001. The event was marked with heightened security and protests. The Vanden group is scheduled to return today.
 1/22/2005 The Reporter - News: TUSD School trustee to leave her post
News that an interim superintendent has been selected for the Travis Unified School District was tempered Friday by the announcement that board member Kerri Pray is stepping down from her post. Travis trustees learned of the resignation Thursday night in a closed session meeting at which they appointed Darrel Taylor as interim superintendent for the district. Pray was not present for that vote, instead delivering a letter announcing her departure. "Her note said that she has learned she will be moving off the (Air Force) base and so will have to step down," said Board President Ed Sanderson.
 1/22/2005 The Reporter - News: Travis Unified appoints chief
A familiar face in local education circles will return to Solano County early next month. Darrell Taylor will take the helm at Travis Unified School District. School trustees voted Thursday night to appoint him as interim superintendent.
 1/19/2005 The Reporter - News: Some from area off to Bush's bash
When President George W. Bush takes the oath of office Thursday, a little piece of Solano County will be there with him. A group of Vanden High School students and a Vacaville Christian High graduate now attending the U.S. Air Force Academy will be in the throngs in Washington, D.C., this week to celebrate the inauguration. Planning for Vanden High teacher David Kenyon and 15 of his history and government students began last year. The group will board a plane early today and spend four days in the nation's capital, he said.
 1/17/2005 dailyrepublic.com: Gatekeepers of the writen word--Textbook selection is a group affair
Before textbooks reach the students, district staff make sure they meet criteria of the state and the community. The state Department of Education provides a list of book titles for kindergarten through eighth grades to all school districts. At the high school level, the state dictates the guidelines and perimeters for textbooks. A committee of teachers and principals select books that best meet state education standards. Educators know some people are more sensitive to topics covered in textbooks. For example, history must touch on different religions and science must cover the theory of evolution, Erbe said. The state requires schools to teach these subjects, said Kathleen Bond, assistant superintendent of student learning and educational services for the Travis Unified School District. "We can't teach religion per se, but we can teach about religion," Bond said. "We can teach about certain aspects about religion. We don't teach evolution per se but we teach about evolution." Travis schools haven't had any inquiries regarding instructional materials, Bond said. Like the Fairfield-Suisun school district, Travis follows the same state lists when it comes to choosing textbooks. Teachers and parents have a chance to evaluate the materials. The district provides the public a 30-day period to review textbooks where a parent can make a complaint.
 1/7/2005 The Reporter - News: Educators bracing for budget cuts
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger laid out some pretty bold education reforms in his second State of the State address Wednesday night - and local teachers' group representatives are not the least bit pleased. Travis Unified Teachers Association Prsident Nancy Morin reacted to the governor's hints about merit pay for educators and reforming the tenure system: "It took me a long time to go to sleep after that - I wish I hadn't watched it," she said. Schwarzenegger presented four major governmental reforms in his speech Wednesday, the third of which dealt with the state's public education system. The governor and the Legislature are tackling the topic in a special session that started Thursday
 12/5/2004 The Reporter - News: Possible demolition of school jars district
Surprised would be an understatement. Travis Unified School District officials were just short of outraged this week when they discovered the proposed demolition of Travis Air Force Base housing could include a school. Under one option, that recently underwent an environmental assessment commissioned by the Air Force, one of the school district's three on-base elementaries would be torn down. The environmental assessment was the latest step in a process aimed at cutting on-base housing by razing 1,600 homes, as recommended in a 2002 report by the Parsons Corp. But the recent assessment went beyond that initial report, suggesting the construction of 800 or fewer houses as well as the demolition of a school. What's worse, for four months, nobody told the school district, which serves military families who live on the base. "This is the first we've seen or heard of it. They buried it," Travis Superintendent Jacki Cottingim said. "If you're going to do it or suggest it, just do it outright. This is the kind of thing that makes people distrust the government. And school districts suffer for it. All public bodies suffer."
 12/4/2004 sacbee.com -- Education -- Woodland names new schools leader
WOODLAND - A Fairfield school administrator has been chosen as the next superintendent for Woodland Joint Unified School District. At a special meeting Thursday night, Woodland trustees unanimously approved a three-year contract for Jacki L. Cottingim, superintendent of Travis Joint Unified School District. Cottingim will start Feb. 1 at an annual salary of $140,000, officials said. Cottingim has led the Travis district, which serves 5,500 students in kindergarten through 12th grade, since May 1998. She previously spent five years as superintendent of Parkrose School District in Portland, Ore. Her experience includes two years as an area superintendent for Sacramento City Unified School District and 11 years as director and assistant superintendent of the San Joaquin County Office of Education.
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