The NED Show
January 24, 2005

January 24, 2005
Yo-Yo champion, Mr Jeff Plake, visited Cambridge school to present the NED Show assembly. The theme of this unique assembly was "Becoming a Champion." Mr. Plake demonstrated advanced yo-yo tricks, yo-yo safety, and juggling all the while stressing his message- that to become a champion, stick with it, don't give up and you'll reach your goal.

Near the end of the program, Mr. Plake went out into the audience and asked for volunteers to tell everyone "What does it take to become a champion?". The answers that the students gave let everyone know that they had heard his message and remembered it!

Yo-yos will be available for sale at lunch time for the next few days. Part of the profits from these sales will be going to Cambridge School.

Remember: Never give up! Encourage others! Do your best

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