Each day during the 4th, 5th and 6th grade lunch students may participate in the Cambridge intramurals. We had about 120 students participate in the Standing Long Jump and we would like to congratulate the winners.

 6th grade  boys  girls
 1st place  Josh Barlow  Kelli Frances
 2nd place  Sam Torns (jumping)  Jalissa Redwood
 3rd place  Lorenzo Lane  Kimberly Keats (jumping)

5th grade  boys  girls
 1st place  Chase Harper  Emily Carr
 2nd place  Raymond Barlow  Arielle Moynahan
 3rd place  Bryan Varela  Nikki Jackson

4th grade  boys  girls
 1st place  Mikey Marshall  Mariah Hickman
 2nd place  Justen Grey  Amber Lane
 3rd place  Donovan Staley  Teneisha Daniel

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