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Travis Unified School Board

Minutes for Tuesday, December 11, 2001





December 11, 2001

Key The first two initials of the vote indicate the First and Second motionsVote: S = Ed Sanderson; M = Mary Ann Martinez; B = Denise Boyles; AS = Amy Swanson; A = Harry Axhelm; P = Mari Pierce Notations Under Vote: N = No; X = Excused; A = Abstain


A. Call to Order.
  President Martinez called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m.

B. Roll Call.
  The following members were present: President Mary Ann Martinez, Clerk Denise Boyles, Member Ed Sanderson, Amy Swanson, Harry Axhelm, and Secretary Dr. Jacki Cottingim. Student Representative Mari Pierce arrived at 7 p.m..

Also present were the following: Assistant Superintendents William Taylor, Steve Vaczovsky and Kathleen Bond; Directors Sankaran Iyer, Gayle Smith, Karen Norton, Base Liaisons Lt. Col. Linda Thomas and Lt. Col. Jeffery Leknes and Administrative Assistant Patricia Atkinson.

A.  Pursuant to Government Code Section 54957.6: Conference with Labor Negotiator – Agency Negotiator Steve Vaczovsky – Employee Organizations: TUTA (Travis Unified Teachers Association) and CSEA (California School Employees Association).

B.  Pursuant to Government Code Section 54957.6: Conference with Labor Negotiator – Agency Negotiator Jacki Cottingim – Employee Organization: ATM (Association of Travis Managers).

C.  Pursuant to Education Code 48918 Sub. C (Expulsion): Two (2) Students 01-02-06 and 01-02-07.
  Closed Sessions Held


A.   Public Report of Action(s) Taken in Closed Session.
  No action taken on items A and B.

The Board unanimously approved the recommendation to expel students 01-02-06 and 01-02-07.

B. Pledge of Allegiance.
  The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Cambridge Student Joey Sarin.

C.   Moment of Silence.
  A moment of silence was held for those with ill family members and those recently passed.

Dr. Wendall Kuykendall, Solano Superintendent of Schools, to administer Oaths of Office to re-elected Governing Board Member Amy Swanson and newly elected Governing Board Member Harry Axhelm.
Dr. Kuykendall administered the oaths to new and re-elected members of the Board, wished them well in their tenures and presented them with election certificates.


A.  Recognition of “Unsung Heroes” Part III, Business Services Staff.
  Mr. Taylor advised that both Susan Rinne and Lea Pfeiffer had worked innumerable hours to insure the delivery of services to the district notwithstanding personnel turnover and the new Standardized Account Code Structure. In addition, Ms. Pfeiffer and Ms. Rinne worked tirelessly with Provident Life Insurance Company to ensure that Jule Brown’s family received survivor benefits, previously denied.

B.  Recognition of Joey Sarin, Cambridge Student for Outstanding Community Service.
  Vice-Principal Luis Carias introduced Mrs. Sarin, who explained how the tragedy of September 11th and the subsequent “All School Walk” at Cambridge Elementary inspired Joey to draw “America is for Everyone”. Since then, and with the exposure of the ophthalmologist community, the drawing has become a symbol of unity throughout the United States and abroad. Mrs. Sarin thanked Mr. Carias and Teacher Karen Carter for their continued support. Ms. Carter presented Mrs. Sarin with a bouquet of roses on behalf of Cambridge Elementary.

  The Board presented Joey with a certificate of recognition and congratulated him on his outstanding community service.

  C. Recognition of Mary Ann Martinez for contribution to the Board as President.
President Martinez was presented with a plaque and gavel for her service as Board President between August and December 2001.


A. Student Representative Report.
  Mari Pierce reported that the Vanden Winter Ball is scheduled for December 14, 2001 at the new Dodge Dealership in Vacaville. The basketball season has begun; practices/games will be held at the gym on Tuesday and Thursday nights. Ms. Pierce thanked Dr. Cottingim and the Board for sending her and Alternate Student Representative Rebecca Franklin to the CSBA conference in San Diego with Mrs. Boyles. It was important to learn about the different student representative levels and the level TUSD student representatives hold. They were able to network and speak to students from other districts.
  Alternate Student Representative Rebecca Franklin thanked Mr. Taylor for taking care of the problems associated with the walkway construction and rain the Vanden campus has had lately.

B. Assistant Superintendents, Administrators, Employee Organizations & Base Liaison Reports.
  Mr. Vaczovsky presented “DirectLinc” formerly Employee Assistance Program, which provides various services to employees free of charge.

  Mr. Taylor advised the “walkway contractor” is making an effort to stay ahead of the rains and hopes to complete the work before winter break. Proposals were received from Aramark and Marriot for the food service program.

  Ms. Bond advised that she attended a Standards and Assessment workshop and is happy to report that TUSD is focused in the right direction with regard to science and the algebra academy.

  Ms. Debra Elm-Mason, CSEA President, welcomed new Board member Harry Axhelm, and introduced CSEA Labor Representative Donald Bonds. The unit is looking forward to receiving budget information. The food services employees will hold a meeting December 14th to discuss the upcoming changes, as there are many questions. All are welcome. Elections for the executive board will be held on December 20, and the installation dinner will take place January 12, 2002. Ms. Elm-Mason wished everyone a happy holiday season.

  Mr. Brian Centeno reported on the schools’ activities: Scandia received a technology grant and completed a very successful cookie dough fundraiser. All Foxboro staff has received email and thanked Sankaran and staff for that accomplishment. Center had a successful community holiday affair on December 1st. The Travis School leadership team is continuing with coursework for Improving Student Performance. Golden West had the first 6th grade visual and performing arts festival with choral, band and drama students performing. Eleven students
have been selected for the North Bay Honor Band. Vanden has been working on curriculum changes to include AP and Career Pathway courses. A team of staff went to Rancho High School in Las Vegas to learn about their Aviation Academy. At Community Day ten students participated in the Youth Diversion/Prison Outreach Program at CSP at

Solano; also on Thanksgiving five students volunteered to work 3 hours at the Fairfield Senior Center serving food and cleaning up.

  Lt. Col. Jeff Leknes recognized staff and board members for attending TAFB Town Hall Meeting regarding education. A small group of parents arrived with many questions regarding YRE and Standards Based Report Cards and all departed with answers. Work is underway on TAFB’s website to have a link added for TUSD.

C. Superintendent Report.  
Dr. Cottingim thanked the administrators who attended the Town Hall Meeting the day before the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Mr. Luis Carias, Vice-Principal of Cambridge, was asked by Dr. Cottingim to report on the most recent survey sent out to parents regarding a language immersion program. He advised that 173 surveys were received from very interested parents.

D. Governing Board Communications & Reports.
  Mrs. Boyles advised she attended the CSBA conference in San Diego and that it was great to get to know the student representatives better. It was a very informative and worthwhile conference. Mrs. Boyles shared some of the conference highlights: budgets, revision of the first amendment.

  Mr. Sanderson advised he attended the Armed Forces luncheon and met and spoke with Senator Machado’s assistant, Ann Baird about TUSD’s position regarding bonding capacity, etc. He also met and spoke with General LeForge. TUSD will assume the presiding officer position in Vaca Select.


A.  Child Welfare and Attendance Report
  Report presented by Ms. Jackie Tretten.

  President Martinez requested a Safety Workshop.

B.  Status of Master Social Worker Contract.
  Report presented by Mr. Taylor.

C.  Report of Staff and Board Development Activities

D.  Notification to Parents/Guardians California High School Exit Exam  

E.  Update of Claims Filed Against the District
  (Corrected status of claim filed by J. Vargas)


A.  Request approval to replenish the Revolving Cash Fund in the amount of $2,594.52.

B. Request approval of vendor warrants.

C.  Request approval of the following donations:
  1.  Donation of MAC technology valued at $30,000 from The Henry Wine Group, 531 Getty Court, Benicia, CA 94510.
  2.  Donation of Reader Rabbit’ Interactive Reading Journey CD-ROM, valued at $35 from Mrs. Lisa M. Weber, 736 Northampton Drive, Vacaville, CA 95687.

D.  Request approval of Lynette Kimura, Accounting Assistant, as authorized signature.

E.  Request approval to dispose of district storage items for recycling.

F.  Request approval of the following contracts:
  1.  Consolidated Schoolhouse Solutions, provide consultant services for District Curriculum Development 2001-2002 school year; District Title VI Funds, $1,500.
  2.  Jessica Conover, to provide gardening lessons to Foxboro Elementary teachers, various dates from September 2001 through August 2002; Foxboro Elementary SIP Budget, $2,140.
G.  Request approval of the minutes of November 13 and 14, 2001.
  Approved Consent Calendar      S-AS-B-A-M


A.   Request appointment of the following Directors for the Travis Education Foundation: Christine Norman, R. Garry Groves and Jeff McInnis. 3
Approved            S-AS-B-A-M    

B.  Request approval of 2000-2001 Unaudited Actual Financial Report.5
  (Continued from November 13, 2001)
  Report Presented by Susan Rinne, Director of Fiscal Services.

Approved            S-AS-B-A-M    

C.  Request approval of the 2001-01 First Interim Budget Report.5
Report Presented by Susan Rinne

Approved            S-B-AS-A-M  

X.  ACTION ITEMS (Continued)

D.  Request approval of Budget Revisions.5
Approved            S-AS-B-A-M    

E.  Request authorization to enter into a contract as Contractor with Northern California Council for the Community. 5
Approved            S-AS-B-A-M    


F.  Request approval of the 2001-02 Consolidated Application, Part II.1
Approved            S-AS-B-A-M    

G.  Request approval of Vanden High School Course Revision - Computer Graphics. 1
Approved            S-AS-B-A-M    
H.  Request approval of Vanden High School Course Revision – Advanced Placement French 4 and 5. 1
Approved            S-AS-B-A-M    

I.  Request approval of Vanden High School Course Revision - Advanced Placement English Literature and Composition. 1
Approved            S-AS-B-A-M    

J.  Request approval of Vanden High School Course Revision - Advanced
Placement English Language and Composition. 1
Approved            S-AS-B-A-M    

K.  Request approval of Vanden High School Course Revision - Drawing and Painting Fundamentals. 1
Approved            S-AS-B-A-M      

L.  Request approval of API/High Achieving School Award Funds Reallocation Vanden High School. 1
Approved            S-B-AS-A-M    


M.  Request approval of corrections to Management/Confidential Terms and Conditions of Employment. 3
Approved            S-AS-B-A-M    

N.  Request realignment of salary for the position of Director of Fiscal Services
Approved            B-S-AS-A-M    

O.  Request approval for the purchase of the AERIES Student Data System. 1
Approved            S-AS-B-A-M    


A.  America’s Schools
  Mrs. Boyles advised that the America’s Schools symbol is similar to that of the Olympic Rings. It is a program whereby major corporations pay America’s Schools a fee to have that symbol placed on their product. A portion of the profit will benefit America’s schools.

A. Election of Officers (President, Vice-President, Clerk)
Mrs. Martinez was nominated and appointed as President for a second term of office.          S-AS-B-A-M

Mrs. Boyles was nominated and appointed as Vice-President.

Mr. Axhelm was nominated for Clerk but declined the nomination.   

Ms. Swanson was nominated and appointed as Clerk.

B.  Appointments to various committees (Solano County School Board Association Representative, Fairfield Ad Hoc, Vaca-Select, Military Affairs Commission, SEDCORP, and others as determined during the meeting)
  The following appointments were made:

  Fairfield Ad Hoc -      Mary Ann Martinez and Amy Swanson

  Vaca Select -        Denise Boyles and Mary Ann Martinez

Military Affairs Commission   Harry Axhelm
(Travis Regional Armed Forces) –

  SEDCORP        Ed Sanderson


·  Board Budget Workshop
·  Food Service RFP Workshop
·  Student Data System Workshop
·  Curriculum and Assessments Workshop
·  Safety Workshop

1.  Wednesday, December 12, 2001, 7 p Foxboro Holiday Band/Choral Performance.
2.  Thursday December 13, 4p Youth First Vacaville City Hall; 7p Golden West Holiday Band/Choral Performance.
3.  Friday, December 14, 6p Foxboro Choral Caroling in Vacaville.
4.  Tuesday, December 18, 4p Vacaville Chamber Mtg. Glenn Miller Room


5.  Friday, December 21, 2001, (time TBA) Cambridge Awards Assembly.
6.  December 24 – January 4 - WINTER BREAK.

  Adjourned to the next regular meeting January 8, 2002 at 7 p.m.



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